This is FASTENGINEERINGANALYSIS.COM: Total Design! CAD, 3D Models, 3D Modeling, Assembly and Simulation. Professional yet easy to use. Use your own CAD system, Onshape or blender3D in your browser and connect with Modeling, Assembly, Simulation and 3D-Printing. Use all our services or just one. It's your choice.

We will be running a full service from Monday 17th offering Blender 3D, Unlimited Simulation, 3D Assembly, Discounted 3D-Prints and a whole host of services for one all-inclusive fee of EUR 1299 (12 months). There is no contract or extra charges for cloud usage. Each user gets 5GB free storage, and there are no charges for any extra services we may add during your term. Once you're in, you are all-in. Pay using the Buy-button below and you really do get the Deal-of-the-Decade. It's all you need.

The Simulation & Assembly software were created by us from the ground up. But when it makes sense to use an existing product that makes ours better (Simmetrix), then we have. We have no CAD product of our own because we focus on extending CAD applications. We constantly release new products and enhance our existing ones.

Blender 3D

Use Blender 3D Software right here in your browser (from Monday). Running on Windows Server 2016 with high performance graphics, it really does deliver. This professional 3D software can be used to create models, assemblies, screenshots and animations. It is fully customisable using a range of plug-ins, or user-defined Python scripts. It runs on any device and any operating system. It is free to use for our members.


Designers can integrate 3D-Print pricing into their practices without leaving their workstations thanks to our link with i-materialize. They can also get Models from Sketchfab at a great price (or even free) by using our link there.

More Integration

All parts of this great service link together seamlessly. Models can be easily converted and used used to create a modified design, or on which to run a simulation. Scale it down to be 3D-Printed? Order 3D-Prints from blender or the simulation app? Or Sketchfab? Design in Onshape or blender or your own softwware? Then use any of the other services when you choose.

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