Users can choose between a free browser-based CAD, or they can purchase our own AutoCAD-compatible system with additional features such as ACIS Modeling.

Cloud Simulation

User-friendly FEA using Microsoft's Azure Cloud Platform where High-Powered Virtual Machines generate a much faster solution


Get prices as you design from our own 3D-Printing outlet which is part of a Global Network using the very latest technology and prints in a wide range of materials

Our Services

3D Model Viewer +

More than just a viewer. Take screenshots of your model as you move it with live controls. Create Assemblies and Animations as you live-drag connected parts with touch-screen control.

Assembly Workbench

A 3D Virtual Workspace that accepts multiple 3D formats by just dropping them onto the screen. Active snapping helps to build and constrain CAD Assemblies very quickly.

Simulation / FEA

The Core service. A full-feature Simulation Application running on the Azure Cloud, where high-speed virtual machines take on the heavy duty computing operations to reduce waiting times. Run unlimited Simulations with an active license. No contract, bills or extra charges.


An AutoCAD-compatible system with added extras such as ACIS Modeling.

Professional Meshing

Simmetrix is a leading supplier of tools and techniques for Simulation-Based Design, incorporating advanced engineering analysis into the engineering design process. We use Simmetrix Products as standard

AZURE Notebooks

Azure notebooks is a free service that provides Jupyter notebooks along with supporting libraries as a service. It means you can just login and use it, no installation or setup is necessary. Instructors can also use the service by easily sharing a notebook.

And if this is just the start,

then what can we achieve in 2 years?

  • All coming very soon. We will grow user numbers by:
  • Offering Social Log-in with facebook / sketchfab / Google
  • Giving users easy access to high quality applications
  • Providing a great service that is value for money
  • Always striving to improve

We will be releasing a revolutionary Assembly Simulation App that is free to use, with extras available via in-app purchases (no obligation)

All Apps run on all devices. Some Apps are available for purchase as a download. Python API provided to create and customise your own Apps & Scripts. Community Notebook library with specialist tools for Engineers and Scientists