What is FastEngineeringAnalysis.com?
fastengineeringanalysis.com is going to be a total service for Engineers & Designers where they can access everything needed for product development in one place, and for a great price. Simply create a free account, pay the license fee, and start working.
Primarily, fastengineeringanalysis.com is a 3D Simulation tool with a difference, and soon will support all CAD formats (via Onshape).
Other services are to include a 3D Model library, 3D-Printing service and 3D-scanning which can be used by any Skype-capable device. An integrated Materials library and Report-writing app complete the total service, and you can see that there is not much an Engineer can't get done here. The site runs on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud platform which means that the technology and security are the best available.
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